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Here is a list of vendors who are registered with Four Seasons Markets. They may not be there every week. Please check the events section to see who plans to attend the next market.

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Boulangerie a Paris
Plano, TX-75024

Category: Pastries/Bread
 Company Description
Florine Bowman is a passionate baker who decided to add her French flair and savoir-faire to great traditional American Pastries. This French/American fusion pastry is a real success to her already addicted customers who praise the use of real ingredients, the same any cook would use at home.

The result is wonderfully sweet, buttery, rich, melt in your mouth pastries that will make you call back for more!

"No guilt, just pure pleasure!", that's Florine's motto.

 Products Description
Cinnamon Rolls
Energy Bars
Chocolate Dipped Macaroons
Freshly baked Baguettes
and more...

Last updated: 2017-05-30 16:44:34

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