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COVID-19 Crisis - Our Commitment To You

03/25 Update: As more and more restrictions from property owners, cities and counties are hitting our markets, we are only able to open 2 of them only. Here is the current Markets status (March 26-29):

Las Colinas Market (Saturday): OPEN
Huebner Oaks Market (Saturday): OPEN
Richardson Market (Saturday): CLOSED
Flower Mound Market (Saturday): CLOSED
Watauga Market (Sunday): CLOSED
Carrollton Market (Sunday): CLOSED
Colleyville Market (Thursday): CLOSED

It is our duty and responsibility to ensure the maximum safety of our vendors, patrons and employees at our markets.
Our vendors have been instructed to take the necessary healthy measures that align with the recommendations set forth by the CDC and the Market Managers will monitor each booth to make sure our instructions are being followed.
We really appreciate the support of our patrons during this unusual time. You can rest assured that we will take every precaution to preserve everyone’s safety.

Thank you for visiting our markets!
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